• 1. Exceptional Coverage. Premium appearance. Excellent performance. Axalta's transportation finishes offer that factory shine that lasts mile after mile.
  • 2. Axalta's industrial coatings keep your project looking new for years. Axalta's industrial coatings are durable and lasting, protecting your most valuable assets.
  • 3. For more than 80 years, people have relied on Axalta's industrial coatings. Customer-focused. Dedicated team.
    Armacoat™ can handle all your coating needs.

Who we are

Armacoat is your preferred source for Axalta™ Coating Systems.

With services tailored to fit the needs of each OEM customer, Armacoat provides unmatched access to the Axalta line of commercial finishes and industrial coating products backed by expert technical support with the human touch. We've got you covered.

How we're different

ArmaCoat is a whole new way to buy Axalta™ Coating Systems.

We take the time to learn the specifics of your coating needs, so our advice will improve your projects and help you build your customer base. Armacoat puts Axalta science and innovation directly to work for you every day, with experts ready to assist you on the phone, online, or on site.