Axalta Coating Systems Sponsors First State Robotics and Awards Scholarship

Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, is sponsoring First State Robotics of Delaware and the Miracles of Engineering (MOE) First Tech Challenge team.   Axalta awarded a scholarship to robotics team member, Noah Andrews.  Noah recently graduated from high school and is looking forward to starting college in the fall as an information technology major, focusing on security.

“First State Robotics is delighted that Axalta shares our support and enthusiasm for STEM education and we look forward to a long relationship with them,” says Peggy Vavalla, First State Robotics Board Chairman.  “In addition to providing a grant to the MOE team this year, we applaud their continuing support of providing scholarship opportunities for students who have participated on any local FIRST Tech Challenge teams. These scholarships help team members attain their goal of attending college and further utilizing the many other skills and values they learned as a member of FIRST.

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Axalta Coating Systems Releases 2013 Color Popularity Report

Axalta Coating Systems, a global manufacturer of automotive coatings and an authority on color and color trending information for the automotive industry, announced today the publication of its annual automotive color popularity report for 2013. The report, produced since 1953, is the most comprehensive in the industry as regional automotive market color preferences are continuously tracked. This year's report includes Say it with Color! Axalta's forecast of four color megatrends for automotive designers around the world.

"Our customers count on our data every year to drive market decisions," explained David Fischer, Vice President of Axalta's global OEM business. "Our global team of color specialists relies on our advanced forecasting to formulate the next generation of coating colors. The result is an ever-evolving color palette for automotive designers. As the industry continues to evolve and strives to innovate for customers worldwide, Axalta is committed to partnering with our customers to provide the best possible coatings available."

White strengthened its position as the most popular automotive color among consumers worldwide in 2013, growing in popularity by six percentage points over the prior year. Within the white space, 22 percent of vehicles were solid white and seven percent were pearl white. Black was the second most popular color globally, with 20 percent of sales, but effect black was preferred more than solid black. Silver at 15 percent and gray at 12 percent waned in popularity, while red held steady at eight percent. Blue and brown/beige spaces each held five percent of the global market. The remaining color choices revealed low popularity for green, orange, purples and other spaces, although there was a small increase in the yellow/gold area. Overall, neutral colors have been widely popular over the last decade and make up 76 percent of today’s vehicles.

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Axalta Coating Systems Presents ASE Refinish Technician of the Year Award

Axalta Coating Systems presented the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Refinish Technician of the Year award last week to Leonard King of Euro Pros Collision Center, who has spent 25 years working in the industry as a technician.

Axalta has been a sponsor of the award for more than 10 years. Scott Diaz, Axalta training manager, presented King the award in front of several hundred people at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach, Calif.

"Technicians are invaluable in that they are the direct users of our refinish products and they help restore cars to their original beauty, utilizing Axalta's exceptional paint products," said Diaz. "We appreciate their knowledge, attention to detail and all they do to help demonstrate brilliant color."


Axalta Coats Beijing's Subway

Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has been awarded a project to coat the recently refurbished trains of the Beijing subway. The project commenced in November 2013 and will encompass one of the most popular Beijing Subway lines, consisting of more than 300 rail cars. The refurbished trains, nicknamed 'Blue Cat' for the distinctive blue color coating of Axalta's paint product and striking similarity to a cat, will cross the city from east to west and hit speeds of up to 80km/h.

Timothy Dawe, Managing Director of Axalta Greater China, said, "The Beijing subway is used by millions of people each day, making it essential that its trains are coated with paint to last. This win is a testament to the superior quality of Axalta's Rail products and our ability to work with local partners in China to meet our customer's needs. While the country transforms its transportation infrastructure into one of the most modern systems in the world, we are committed to support China's rail ambitions with environmentally friendly coating solutions that provide quality protection and appearance."

With 231 stations in total, the Beijing subway is one of the world's busiest subway systems , stretching 395 km. With an average 10 million daily passengers, Axalta's Rail product was commissioned to coat refurbished Blue Cat trains with its sustainable, dynamic, protective and durable properties.

"Axalta prides itself on producing coatings designed to retain brilliant color and gloss while withstanding the forces of nature and frequent users. Our Rail coatings will help Beijing's subway systems retain its colorful finish for many years to come," commented Mr. Weiguo Lu, Director of Industrial Coatings Business, Axalta Greater China.

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Fluid Delivery – Measuring Output For Success

Fluid delivery is a crucial part of your project's success. Putting too much paint on the substrate will cause orange peel, paint runs, and sagging. Too little paint will result in poor hiding and could leave the substrate exposed to corrosion.

Often, painters will take a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality when it comes to their air pressure at the pressure pot. In reality, many factors can have an effect on the fluid delivery rate. The only way to correctly measure your fluid delivery rate is to measure how much fluid is actually coming out of your gun.