Emergence of Durable Self-Cleaning Paint

 Researchers have just developed a new paint, made of coated titanium dioxide nanoparticles combined with adhesives, that is self-cleaning but also resilient to daily wear and tear with possible applications to a wide variety of materials including steel, glass, paper and even cloth.  Developers say that this new paint “keeps its ability to self-clean even after being exposed to oil, scratched with a knife, and scuffed with sandpaper”. The project brought together researchers from University College London, Imperial College London, and Dalian University of Technology (China) who detailed the results in the journal, Science.

The key to self-cleaning materials are their waterproof abilities so that water droplets bounce across the surface removing dirt and bacteria as it rolls along. Researchers hope that this new discovery will promote the adoption of self-cleaning surfaces in a wide variety of contexts such as antimicrobial coatings for use in hospitals.

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